CPhI Korea 2021 is Opening in October 11 at COEX

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Date 2021.10.04 Writer 관리자

                              CPhI Korea 2021 is Opening in October 11 at COEX


CPhI Korea will be Held both Online & Onsite this Year


CPhI Korea 2021, the world's pharmaceutical, bio, and health supplement industry exhibition, will be held at COEX Hall D for three days from October 11th to the 13th. This year’s exhibition will go hybrid, including face to face business meetings but also an online exhibition that will provide even more business meeting opportunities.

CPhI Korea is co-hosted by the global exhibition organizer Informa Markets, Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association (CPhI), and Korea Biomedicine Industry Association(bioLIVE). Sponsored by The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea Drug Research Association, Korea Health Supplements Association, Chungcheongbuk-do, and Cheongju Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

This year, as a global pharmaceutical event, CPhI Korea will hold exhibitions in diverse fields such as ICSE (Outsourcing Solutions), bioLIVE (Biopharma), P-MEC (Pharmaceutical & Lab), and Hi (Health Ingredients) to identify industry trends both locally and globally. Adding on overall research development, manufacturing, and distribution.  


Pre-Registration for CPhI Korea 2021 is Available Now- Register & Participate Online at CPhI ‘Connect’

Pre-registration for CPhI Korea is currently open. Visitors can register at CPhI’s website and not only get free admissions but also qualify to register for this year’s online exhibition ‘CPhI Korea Connect’. ‘CPhI Korea Connect’ is an online platform where exhibitors can continue business activities even during travel restrictions and after the physical event. This online exhibition will continue for 10 days, except for weekends, from October 11th to the 22nd. In this platform, companies can get extensive business meeting opportunities, spot exhibitor highlights, attend webinars, and video meetings anytime.


Spot Pharmaceutical·Bio·Health Supplements Related Major Companies in One Place-

Despite the difficulty for international exhibitors to enter Korea due to COVID19, some have managed to participate. Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions, a Belgian pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer, a Swiss pharmaceutical/biotechnology service provider Bachem AG, Estonian leading functional good company BioCC , and Chinese pharmaceutical raw material developer Autran Bio will be directly participating and engaged for business.

Major pharmaceutical companies in Korea including Daewon and Dongkook pharmaceuticals, Caregen, Kukjeon, Huons Global, Sungyi Pharm, leading health Supplement industry companies, Novarex, Daehan Chemtech, and BST will be participating.  Also, for Facilities and Lab field Spray System, Woojung Bio, Jeio, Bionpak and in the cold chain field companies Brinks global, M2Cloud, in the CMO field Phil International will be present. For this exhibition, the Cheongju Chamber of Commerce and Industry will form a pavilion with local companies to revitalize the promotion of local companies


Know Key issues in the Pharmaceutical, Bio, and Health Supplement Industries at Conferences CPhI Korea’s conference, which features major institutions and figures from around the world, will also be held this year presenting latest issues on pharmaceutical, bio and health supplement industries.

At conference the Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency(KDCA), the Korea Biomedicine Industry Association(KoBIA), and Vaccines developing companies will share vaccinee development support and it’s status. The Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association (KPTA) and Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(MFDS) will present cases of toxicity prediction programs such as NDMA, development of new raw material and its metal impurities/toxic substances. Korea Drug Research Association(KDRA) and InnoPol’s fostering plan to strengthen global competitiveness of Korea's biohealth industry. The Ministry of Food & Drug Safety(MFDS) and Korea Health Supplements Association(KHSA) will introduce policies regarding functional foods and the Rural Development Administration(RDA)’s raw materials. Detailed conference schedules and speakers will be released on the website next week.

In the spotlight of global pharmaceutical and related industries, CPhI Korea 2021 will be conducting an on-site exhibition under a thorough antiseptic system and will bring life to Korea’s pharmaceutical industry by providing business meeting opportunities both on/offline between participants. Notably, pre-registered visitors will have access to business meetings with exhibitors on the online platform.

Lastly, the Hosted Buyer program targets influential purchasers representing well-established companies and organizations looking for Pharma-related products/services and solutions. Selected buyers will get various benefits, including unlimited networking opportunities with exhibitors. Applications can be made through CPhI’s secretariat.